Housepainting works

This is an old craft which advanced very much in last decades. Because we came from simple wall, ceiling or floor painting to more complex techniques and forms, today house painting needs a lot more knowledge, experience, skill and artistic talent. We are the best in classic painting jobs as well as in luxury tasks like decorative facades (programs Oikos, Valpaint), templating and stucco work. The trend of today's unique extravagant ideas is easily achievable with our experienced team and wide palette of services. We are known for competitive prices, accurate work plans and wide offer.

Thermal insulation and facade work

The facade is a difficult construction phase as it is the most important factor of a building’s exterior. The most important role of a facade is protection from weather conditions (sun, heat, cold, rain, etc.) but it also provides fire and sound insulation. Choosing a quality facade and insulation provides us with comfort and reduced energy costs. There are various different thickness choices depending on your preferences and climate you live in. The choice of finishing layers is rich, you can choose from mineral, acrylic, silicate, and silicate-silicon with many different types of forming. The only thing that is stopping you from getting the color you want is your imagination.

Tattoo Wall

TATTOO WALL® digital murals is an original professional system of decoration suitable for any type of surface like concrete, plaster or brick; inside or outside. It allows the decoration of walls, ceilings, pillars, domes in a simple and fast way through the use of transfer paper even on relief up to 8mm. The application is simple and fast, clean and free of odors thanks to water-based products. Decoration of about 20 square meters can be completed in 8 hours.

Car Wrapping

By applying large high-tech panels of vinyl on your car, you can change its color to create a totally new and refreshed look. The vinyl completely covers the paintwork, protecting it from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear. It doesn't damage the paint of your car, and if done well it can even mistaken for car paint. If any section is repaired or replaced due to accident damage, they can always be individually re-wrapped at short notice. There are many effects and colors, ranging from the normal colors to the more extreme and eye catching. Carbon fiber, matt black and chrome, the choice is yours. “Dress” your car as you want.


Stucco is valued as a siding material for its attractiveness and durability and is a relatively low-maintenance exterior finish. It is often used on, but is certainly not limited to, Spanish-style homes. Stucco can be directly applied to brick and concrete, or applied to a lath (paper or wire mesh) over a wood frame or other material. Stucco is a weather-resistant mixture of dehydrated lime, sand, plaster and water.


Wallpaper, at that time declared as art, gained popularity in Renaissance Europe amongst high social class around 16th century. Wallpaper work is done by hand. Only glue can be applied by machine, so it is very important that the work is done by professionals and with high quality materials. Wallpapers are applied on walls or ceilings out of insulating, hygienic, decorative or other purposes. Nowadays wallpapers are a daily trend and give a new refreshing look to your home.